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From the time I picked up my first hammer and chisel and began apprenticing, I knew that the immediate outcome of my training would lead me straight into the production engraving of firearms. I, often, look back on that time, realizing it was the perfect environment for setting me up as custom engraver of fine shotguns and rifles. During the beginning years, at times, we would engrave the same pattern repeatedly, hundreds of times. What better way to perfect your art. Had I learned under more traditional methods, it would have taken me much longer to become comfortable stepping forward into the custom world. For the past 29 to 30 years, most of my time is dedicated to one-of-a-kind pieces.


After venturing out on my own, it was only a short time before I was fortunate to meet some of the finest gun makers and metalsmiths, working for them closely and learning all the aspects of the custom gun world. I spent the next 8 years predominantly engrave firearms.


Working on the guns will always be my first love.   

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