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Hello and welcome to my site...


From the moment I first laid eyes on an engraved gun, I knew this was my calling. It wasn’t until a few years later that I, serendipitously met Ken Hurst, who ran Ken Hurst Firearm Engraving Company. I spent the next weeks and months vigorously training under Mr. Hurst and was also fortunate to have worked closely with several other engravers who have gone on to become masters themselves. I learned the art of engraving,  by hand, with hammer and chisel. After 30 plus years, I have continued to execute my engravings with this method for several reasons.... it is classic and traditional, but mostly because it’s just fun. I find most my influences through the Italians, Germans and, of course, the many gifted American engravers who I have the pleasure of learning from on a personal level. 


I have worked closely with several gun companies and, well sought after, custom knife makers and collectors.  You can find my some of my work which has been featured in magazine articles such as Shooting Sportsman™, Sporting Classics™, Garden & Gun, and Virginia Living just to name a few. I was also honored to be asked by Roger Bleile to be one of the featured engravers  in the last two American Engravers Books.


Although, I had no formal art training, I spent countless hours sketching animals as I grew up. I was always encouraged by my parents, family and friends but mostly see my pencil sketching as a God given talent that paved the way to becoming a successful engraver.  


Thank you for letting me share my story and I look forward to turning your collection into a timeless piece of art.



Lisa Tomlin | Master Engraver
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