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Anderson-Bernard scrimshaw
Anderson-Bernard scrimshaw (4)

First of all, for anyone who is not familiar with custom handmade knives, I would encourage to do a little investigating. They are the most beautiful pieces of art all by themselves. 


Some time during the latter part of the 80’s I was introduced to world of hand made knives and was asked to do work for a few of the finest custom makers. Little did I know the doors that would open up, and now engrave for many collectors and purveyors.  In the last few years, just as much of my time is spent with the knives as with gun engraving.  One of the things I’ve always enjoyed the most about embellishing on the knives....there seems to be no limit to what you can put on a knife. They lend themselves to engraving everything from a traditional scroll or animal scene, to a lady bug, to a dagger telling a story from Greek Mythology, on into fantasy art.


Unlike the guns, which usually come to me in parts, I get to hold these knives in total working condition and admire the unbelievable craftsmanship that goes into each one of them. It’s a fun job embellishing them further.  

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